Lake Fyans Brown Trout

Lakes that produce Trophy trout & pan-sized redfin

Renowned for producing trophy-sized trout, the Grampians offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities.

All impoundments allow you to fish from the bank, in a boat, kayak or canoe.

Whether you’re using the fly-rod, lures or bait the fish like them all.

Fish Species


Officially know as English Perch, Redfin are a beautiful predatory fish and excellent quality table fish.

Redfin breed exceptionally well in the Grampians, many of them can be small, but occasionally can be caught up to 4lb in size.

Brown & Rainbow Trout

These superb hunters are an exceptional table fish.

On still mornings and evenings, you can see these magnificent fish leaping from the water which makes for excellent sight fishing.

Growing up to 6lb in the reservoirs, they’re commonly caught at around 2lb in size.

River Blackfish

Native to the area, these pretty fish are very greasy and are often caught at night.


Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (GWM Water) is responsible for the management of all reservoirs in the Grampians region. Please visit the GWM Water website for the current water levels of these impoundments.

Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans is a well renowned fishery for producing trophy-sized Brown and Rainbow Trout with good sized Redfin.

Boats, kayaks + canoes are a great way to fish, otherwise there are plenty of fishing opportunities along the dam wall.

Lake Wartook

Constructed in 1887, this spectacular water catchment falls within the Mt Difficult Range.

When using a boat there is a 5 knot speed limited.

Lake Bellfield

South of Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield’s capacity is 78,550ML and is an important catchment that feeds the entire Grampians/Wimmera Pipeline, an agricultural lifeline for farming across this region.

Combustion engines are not permitted on Lake Bellfield, leaving only boat with electric motors along with kayak’s & canoes.

Bait & lures


  • Mudeyes (Trout)
  • Worms (Redfin, Trout, Blackfish)
  • Yabby tails (Redfin, Blackfish)


  • Shallow diving minnows (Trout)
  • Deep diving minnows (Redfin)
  • Spinners (Redfin, trout)
  • Spoon (Redfin, trout)


  • Dry flies (Designed to float on the waters surface like an insect, ideal for trout)
  • Wet Flies (Float or sink under the waters surface, great for trout & redfin)
    • Nymphs (Resemble immature aquatic insects)
    • Streamers (Mimic tiny baitfish)

Rules & regulations

Fishing licences are required when fishing in the Grampians region.

There are many regulations to adhere to whilst fishing, please ensure you comply with DEPI’s latest fishing regulations.

Licences can be purchased at Stawell Sportspower or Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap.