Spring flowers in the Grampians

The Grampians are a must visit in spring for all wildflower enthusiasts

The Grampians is a truly diverse landscape, with over 1000 species of flowering plants, 26 species are endemic, meaning that they only naturally occur in the Grampians.


Victoria’s floral emblem, Common Heath, coloured from white to pink to dark red is popular along the roadsides.


Orchids like the small Trim Greenhoods start to appear in the Eucalyptus forests.

Watch out for a carpet of bright yellow as the wattles start to bloom.

The Grampians Thryptomene is a great indication that Winter is soon coming to an end.


Waxlip Orchids, Blunt and Nodding Greenhood’s show that Spring is coming.

Heatherlie Quarry is a great place to for any orchid and flower enthusiast. Many species spider, greenhood and sun orchids all common, whilst other flowers like the Blue tinsel-lily are a must see.


Keep an eye out for the stunning pink Hyacinth Orchids contrasting against the trunks of the Stringybark trees.

The Banksia’s are popular with the Yellow-tailed black cockatoos.