The Halls Gap Zoo is situated at the foothills of the majestic Grampians mountain ranges, and comprises 120 species of native & exotic mammals, reptiles and birds.

We are Victoria’s largest regional zoo, and is a must see attraction on your next Grampians visit.

There are so many animals to see including our tall Giraffes, inquisitive meerkats, beautiful red pandas, playful monkey’s, pure bred dingoes, grand barbary sheep and a plethora of wallaby and kangaroo species.

The Zoo is actively involved in breeding & conservation programs for Brush-tailed Bettong, Tasmanian devil, Bilby, Bush Stone-Curlew, Quoll & Rock-wallabies.

Halls Gap Zoo animal encounters

Get up close and personal with our delightful Meerkats or experience holding an alligator, snake, chameleon or play with Australia’s largest carnivorous mammal, the Dingo.